Veterans Can…Pay It Forward

Help each other. Pay it Forward. See the impact.

What is pay it forward?

The global initative that encourages human connection and support among Veterans.

Every member of the Veterans Can…community gets unique coin in their welcome pack, and are encouraged to Pay It Forward.

Paying it Forward can be anything from listening to someone, offering advice or making an introduction, to putting an arm around someone’s shoulder or even giving them a kick up the backside.

Whatever makes you and them feel good.

How it works

You've got a Pay It Forward Coin

That means you’ve either joined our community and have been sent your coin in the post, or another Veteran has done something good for you.

Scan the QR Code on your coin

The next step is to log your coin so you can track it’s journey. 

Scaning the QR code on the coin will take you to our website. 

Register and log your coin

Enter a few details to register with us, then enter the unique serial number found on the coin. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, how you got the coin and add a relevant picture. 

Now it's time to pay it forward

Now it’s your turn. Do something good for another Veteran, give them the coin, tell them a bit about it, and encourage them to do the same as you, log their coin and Pay it Forward!

Come back and track your coin

You’ll get an email each time someone logs a coin you’ve owned. You can log in to our Pay it Forward dashboard to see the details and photos of previous and future good deeds done because of the coin.

Join us in the Veterans

If you’ve been handed a PIF coin by another Veteran, consider joining us in the Veterans Can…community.

All the details are on our home page.


We’re 100% transparent about how we use your donations

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