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All the initiatives in our Veterans Can…Deliver programme are proposed and selected by members of our community. At least 70% of all donations go towards making them happen.

The Fallen of Afghanistan

Our first initiative is providing support to The Fallen of Afghanistan, a series of portraits by Veteran artist Kev Wills of British military personnel killed during operations in Afghanistan.

In 2020 Kev started painting portraits of all 457 people, before framing and sending the pictures to their next of kin or nominated recipient.

Before Kev can conclude this project, he must deliver the final 11 portraits to the families of the Gurkha soldiers. Some families live in the UK, but most in Nepal – and this is where Veterans Can… comes in.

In this image you can see Kev loaning the portraits of the 11 to Gurkha Museum in Winchester for temporary safekeeping.

In this image you can see Kev loaning the portraits of the 11 deceased soldiers to the Gurkha Museum in Winchester for temporary safekeeping.

Expedition nepal 2025

Veterans Can… has agreed to provide planning and funding support to get Kev and his portraits to the families of the fallen, and we are proud to be working with Kev on this hugely powerful project.

In April 2025, a team of multi-national and highly skilled Veterans will fly from the UK to India. Whilst there, the team will spend a week working alongside Indian Veterans on a small-scale community project.

Once that project is complete, the team will drive through Northern India into Nepal and onto Kathmandu to be greeted by members of the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Here they will support another local Veteran-focused project.

From there, the team will travel to Western Nepal, where Kev and the team will present his portraits to the families of the fallen Gurkhas during a respectful ceremony, before returning to the UK.

“To be working alongside Veterans Can… means a great deal to me as a proud Veteran myself, and the fact Veterans Can… Deliver is the first project the community will be getting behind makes it even more exciting!”

Kev Wills

Veteran & Portrait artist

This expedition is being fully planned by Veterans Can… and team members selected to travel will be drawn from the Veterans Can… community. Delivering these portraits in person will all be made possible by the funding allocated from the Veterans Can… Deliver programme.

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